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The focus at Resilient Spine and Sports Health is on quality of life. For too long the focus of healthcare has been on based primarily on symptom relief and passive care. In our office, patients are actively engaged in all aspects of their care; together with the highly trained physicians and exercise specialists, patients will see that life is not truly experienced from the sidelines, that injury does not mean illness, that hurt does not always equal harm, and that positive experiences are possible with movement.

We would like our patients to see that change is possible. We want them to leave our office with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. We want them to leave feeling invigorated and ready to take back their lives. We want them to see they are safe to move and have experiences that they were told were no longer possible. John F. Kennedy famously said, “A raising tide will lift all the boats.”  Together WE WILL RAISE THE TIDE. Together we will challenge the status quo and we will lift up others on our journey. The patients of Resilient Spine and Sports Health refuse to be held back any longer.

Furthermore, at Resilient Spine and Sports Health we embody the definition of Resilient; to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. We prove day in and day out that having a life worth living is always possible. We will show that we are not just physicians, but we are coaches; and as coaches will educate and train the patient to not only see what is possible in their lives, but that they have the ability to change it. At Resilient Spine and Sports Health our patients will realize they do have the ability to put LIFE back in living. Together our patients will see it not only possible to live longer, but it is possible to live BETTER.

If you are ready to take back control of your own health, and you would like to see how Resilient Spine and Sports Health can help you please contact us or call 901-821-0945 to set up an appointment.

Don't forget to always BE RESILIENT!

  • dr
    Alan James DC

    About Dr. James

    Alan James, DC, is a distinguished pain and regenerative expert providing services at JNT Natural Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. James has been practicing in the Memphis area for more than 30 years and holds advanced qualifications in athletic performance, rehabilitative care, functional neurology, and regenerative medicine. His extensive experience and depth of knowledge, in combination with the most up-to-date methods and cutting-edge technologies, enable Dr. James to test, diagnose, and treat patients with considerable success.

    Dr. James feels passionate about his work and helping his patients. This passion fuels his desire to continue learning about and researching new and advanced therapies and techniques to help his patients heal more quickly and completely. Dr. James provides his patients with treatments that exceed the scope of traditional care by using a functional neurology approach. This specialized form of care focuses on the health and performance of the brain and how it interacts with the nervous system and the muscular system.

    As part of his evaluations, Dr. James employs a variety of tests that measure any nervous system abnormalities that could be causing faulty sensations or motor functions, affecting thought processes, or causing abnormal posture or muscle pain. The brain controls every bodily function, so the goal of treatment is to clear any broken communication lines between your brain and body to discourage disease and pain while promoting better healing.

    Dr. James is committed to a holistic and natural approach to healing chronic and acute pain and inflammation. The body is a self-healing organism that can perform exceptional repairs and regenerate itself when it has the optimal environment to do so. Dr. James aims to provide that environment to patients of JNT Natural Medicine and support them on their healing journey.

  • drc
    Chris Cummins M.D

    Christopher Cummins, M.D., M.T. is a graduate of Saba University School of Medicine, where he received his medical degree and his Bachelor of Science. He is a previous Medical Corps Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves and works with the Veterans Health Administration. Christopher Cummins, M.D., M.T has been a medical doctor since 2004.

  • Justin
    Justin James DC

    Coming soon!

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